About Me

I'm from Drogheda, Ireland, and a former student of Sacred Heart School. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2002 in Dublin City University, Ireland - in Applied Computational Linguistics.

After my undergrad, I worked in industry for several years in the fields of technology, localisation, project mangagement, machine translation and language technology in general.

I then completed my PhD in Computational Linguistics in DCU in 2015, which included the development of the Irish Dependency Treebank and statistical parsing models for Irish.

My main interests lie in the development of tools and applications for Natural Language Processing for Irish, both on standard grammatical text and noisy User Generated Text such as social media content. I also enjoy learning new languages as well as improving my current second-language skills.

I learned Irish at school for many years and attended Cólaiste an Phiarsaigh Irish college in Co. Donegal in 1996 and 1998. As an Irish ex-pat in Australia, I built a solid network with other Irish speakers through Cumann Gaeilge na hAstráile, Melbourne and the Irish Language School, Sydney. I lived in Australia for six years and now have dual citizenship.

I am currently employed as a Research Fellow in Dublin City University, managing the GaelTech project. I am a member of the Executive Board for the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association - having been awarded the 2014-2015 Fulbright Enterprise Ireland Award.